# Testing

Wolff comes with unit testing in mind, that's why it's extremely easy to test it out of the box.

The tests use PHPUnit, so you must have it installed for running them.

Running tests

Open your terminal, move to your Wolff project folder and run the following command with high privileges:


High privileges is usually refered as sudo in most systems (sudo vendor/bin/phpunit).

Running the command with high privileges is required since some files will be created and then deleted during the testing process.

Database tests

To run the tests with the database modules (Wolff\Core\DB and Wolff\Utils\Auth), just run the command with the db flag.

vendor/bin/phpunit -db

The PDO Sqlite driver (pdo_sqlite) must be enabled for the database tests to run.

Code coverage

The code coverage of wolff is around *eighty-fourth percent (~84%).

* Coverage based on the result of PHPUnit while using Xdebug as code coverage driver. This number can slightly change between versions.

To see the code coverage result in the terminal by yourself, run the test command with the coverage-text flag of PHPUnit.

vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text
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