# Language


The language system helps you maintain a multilanguage web app in a clean and easy way.

The language system is based on multiple folders, each one representing a specific language, inside those folders there can be several php files returning an array with text in that language.

Meaning that you can request a text, and depending of the configuration or other facts, you will get the text in one language or another.

Language files

A language file must be inside the app/languages/{languageOfChoice} folder and have a php extension, the language file must have an associative array to return.

Basically an app/languages/en/home.php file should look like this:

return [
    'title'   => 'Wolff',
    'message' => 'Hello World',
    'album'   => 'Sleep Well Beast'

Getting a language content

In your classes you can access to the content of a language file using the get method.

get(string $dir[, string $language]): mixed


That will basically return the array declared above.

If the language file doesn't exists it will return null.

Getting an especific language

If the language is set to english in the system/config.php file that will return the content of the app/language/en/home.php file.

Instead, if the language is set to spanish that will return the content of the app/language/spanish/home.php file.

But you can specify the language to get passing it as the second argument.

Language::get('home', 'spanish');

That will return the spanish language of home, regardless of the configuration.

Getting only one key

You can even get only one key of the language. Using a dot notation.


That will return the message key value of the home language array.

If the language file or the key don't exist it will return null.

Language exists

exists(string $dir[, string $language]): bool

Returns true if the given language file exists, false otherwise.


If the system language is set to english that will return true if the english language of home exists, false otherwise.

But you can specify a language using the second parameter.

Language::exists('home', 'spanish');
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