# Maintenance


A Wolff project can enter into maintenance mode quite easily.

The constant maintenance_on defined in the system/config.php file indicates if the project is under maintenance or not, just change its value to true if you want to activate it.

When under maintenance, the function defined with the set method will be executed if the client IP address isn't in the white list.

Is enabled


Returns true if the maintenance mode is enabled, false otherwise.


Set status

setStatus([bool $enabled])

Sets the status of the maintenance mode. True to enable it, false to disable it.



set(\Closure $function)

Defines the function that will be executed under maintenance mode.

The function parameter must take two parameters which are the request object and the response object (instance of Wolff\Core\Http\Request and Wolff\Core\Http\Response).

Maintenance::set(function($req, $res) {
    $res->write('Sorry, under maintenance :(. Come back later');

White list

A white list file is the one that defines which IP address will still have access to the web app when it's under maintenance.

It should be located under the system/ directory and should be named maintenance_whitelist.txt.

Set white list file

setFile([string $path])

With the setFile method you can change the default white list file.


The given path is relative to the project root folder.

Add IP

addAllowedIP(string $ip)

Adds an IP address to the white list:


If the white list file doesn't exists, it will be created automatically.

Delete IP

removeAllowedIP(string $ip)

Deletes the given IP address from the white list:


This method returns true if the IP has been removed or doesn't exists in the whitelist, false otherwise.

Get IP list


Returns all the IP address in the white list:


This will return the IP list as a non-associative array.

Client Allowed


Returns true if the current client IP address has access under maintenance mode and the maintenance mode is enabled, false otherwise.

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