# Config

Configuration is a vital part of any application, the Wolff configuration can be defined in two ways, a system/config.php file and an environment file.

Config file

The config file has the following definitions/keys inside an array that is being returned by the file itself.

  • db:

    • dbms: the database driver, you can choose between mysql, pgsql and sqlite.

    • server: the database host name (usually it’s refered to as localhost).

    • name: the database name.

    • port: the connection port (this key is optional).

    • username: the database username.

    • password: the database username password.

  • env_file: The path of the .env file, by default it's .env.

  • env_override: If true the environment variables will override the config data in the Wolff\Core\Config class and the config function helper. (The environment keys are converted to lowercase in the override proccess).

  • language: the site's main language.

  • log_on: the log status, true for enabling the use of the log system, false for disabling it.

  • development_on: the development status, true if the project is in an development environment, false otherwise (in a development environment all the errors will be displayed).

  • template_on: the template system status, true for enabling the template in the views, false for disable it.

  • cache_on: the cache status, true for enabling the use of cache, false for disable it.

  • stdlib_on: the standard library status, true for enabling its functions in the global namespace, false for disable them.

  • maintenance_on: the maintenance mode status, true for putting the page in maintenance, false for not.


The data of the environment file (defined in the system/config.php file) can be accessed through:

  • The getenv function.
  • $_ENV superglobal array.
  • The Wolff\Core\Config array (only if the env_override is set to true in the system/config.php file).
  • The config function of the standard library.

Config class

The Wolff\Core\Config class has the get method which can be used to get the current configuration.

get([string $key])


It returns the config or environment value of the given key (depending if the env_override is set to true or not).



return [
    'language' => 'english',

    'env_file'     => 'system/.env',
    'env_override' => false,



In this case Wolff\Core\Config::get('language') and config('language') will return english. If you set env_override to true, both will return spanish instead.

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