Version 1.9


git clone


composer create-project usbac/wolff


Wolff is a ridiculously small and lightweight PHP framework with useful functions and utilities like a route, template, extensions and language system.

It is intended for those who want to build light websites without having to do everything from scratch or using too large/complicated frameworks.

Wolff is small, fast, scalable and easy. The perfect solution for building small and medium-sized web applications.


  • PHP version 7 or higher
  • Composer


  • Cache
    An optional cache system which can increase the overall loading speed of your pages.
  • Database
    Wolff has a Database abstraction layer which simplifies the process of running queries and includes some useful functions.
  • Extension
    An useful and descriptive extension system which gives you more control over your site.
  • Language
    For managing multiple languages easily and quickly.
  • Route
    A route system that allows you to have clean URLs, make redirections and block certain pages recursively.
  • Session
    Have cleaner code using the session class instead of managing the php session variables directly.
  • Template
    With the optional template system you can write cleaner code in your views and avoid things like the php tags.

Source code

Classics never get old. Click here for downloading the source code the old way in a .zip file.


Any contribution or support to this project in the form of a pull request will be highly appreciated.
This can be done in both of the official repositories wolff and wolff-framework.


Requests and questions can be send to the email [email protected], you will be contacted shortly.