Wolff just got better

More than 10 new useful functions, two new complete utilities, multiple improvements in speed, syntaxis, logic and more...

Here is the list of changes of the 2.0 version:


  • \Core\View class.
  • \Core\Language class.
  • \Utilities\Validation class.
  • \Utilities\Pagination class.
  • Optional key parameters in routes with '{key?}'.
  • Routes with content type prefixed.
  • 'moveRow' method in the \Core\DB class.
  • 'get', 'post', 'put', 'patch' and 'delete' methods in the \Core\Route class.
  • 'getMethod' and 'matchesMethod' in the \Core\Request class.
  • 'token', 'slug', 'isEmail', 'isAlphanumeric' and 'isAlpha' methods in the \Utilities\Str.
  • 'isInt', 'isFloat' and 'isBool', 'local' functions in the standard library.
  • 'put', 'hasPut', 'patch', 'hasPatch', 'delete' and 'hasDelete' methods in the Core\Request class.
  • 'db_on' and 'log_on' keys on the CONFIG array.
  • 'isEnabled' method in the \Core\DB and \Core\Log classes.
  • 'getContent' method in the \Core\Cache class.
  • Changed:

  • Improved general speed.
  • Renamed the Extension system to Middleware.
  • Improved language loading.
  • 'printrd' takes any number of parameters.
  • Views extension changed to 'wlf'.
  • \Core\Session methods to static.
  • '{for}' tag renamed to '{endfor}' in the template system.
  • Renamed 'getLocalUrl' and 'getPublicDirectory' function to 'url' and 'getPublic' in the standard library.
  • Renamed 'getDirectory', 'getProjectDirectory', 'getSystemDirectory', 'getAppDirectory', 'getExtensionDirectory' and 'getCacheDirectory' from the standard library to 'getDir', 'getProjectDir', 'getSystemDir', 'getAppDir', 'getExtensionDir' and 'getCacheDir'.
  • Renamed 'setStatusCode' and 'getStatusCode' to 'setCode' and 'getCode' in the \Core\Response class.
  • Renamed the 'get' method to 'getPath' in the \Core\Cache class.
  • Fixed bad 5 years time in the \Core\Request class.
  • Deprecated

  • \Core\Loader class.
  • 'getLanguagePath', 'languageExists', 'getControllerPath', 'controllerExists', 'getViewPath', 'viewExists', 'getExtensionDir' and 'println' functions from the standard library.
  • 'api' method from the \Core\Route class.
  • Short foreach tags in the template system.
  • Wolffie (temporal).
  • 'extension_dir' key from the CONFIG array.