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app > controllers > home.php
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‹?php namespace Controller; use Wolff\Core\{Language, View}; class Home { public function index($req, $res) { $data = Language::get('home');     View::render('home', $data); } }
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Build web apps without dealing with complexity

Extremely easy

It's simple to use and has a clean documentation and interface. It gives you the opportunity to learn it in just a single night (sleep included).

Ridiculously fast

If a resource is not used, it's not loaded. Some elements of the framework can even be disabled. Wolff is very friendly with potato servers and works seamlessly.


Wolff has features that cover everything you may ever need for building a web app. Absolutely no initial setup is required, they are ready to use.

Built just for you

Wolff has been built with simplicity, elegance and speed in mind. It follows clean code concepts and simplifies your development process.
It's not only a framework but an abstraction layer built on top of PHP, it's the perfect solution for building small and medium sized web application.


These are some of the main features available in Wolff

Cache system

Database abstraction layer

DI Container

Language manager

Middleware system

Routing system

Standard library

Template engine


Wolff isn't backed by a big company, better, it's backed by the awesome open source community. It's open to changes and collaboration from all around the world.
Feel free to join us ❤️


Your application's security is important for Wolff.
Forget about the common security concerns related to web development like XSS, CSRF or SQL Injection.
You are safe against them.


Let's use it! You are just two commands away.

composer create-project usbac/wolff
or download the bundle
cd [wolff-folder]; sudo php -S localhost:8080 -t public

Now open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.