# Controller

You can access to some useful methods related to the Controllers in the Core\Controller class.

General methods

Just remember to use Core\Controller.


Returns a new instantiated controller. This method calls the index function of the requested controller if it's defined.


That will return the home controller and run its index method


Returns the value of a controller method. The first parameter must be the controller name, the second parameter must be the method name, the third and optional parameter must be an array with the parameters that will be used for the method.

Controller::method('client', 'getClientById', [ $client_id ]);

That will call the getClientById method of the client controller using the third parameter as the parameters.


Appends a closure to a new controller and calls it.

If the given parameter is not a closure and it's a string, it will work like the Controller::call method.

$func = function() {
    echo 'Hello World';


Get path

Returns the file path of the given controller.


By default that will return app/controllers/sub/home.php


Returns true if the given controller file exists, false otherwise.


That will return true only if the app/controllers/home.php file exists, false otherwise.

Method exists

Returns true if the method of a controller exists, false otherwise.

The first parameter must be the controller name. The second parameter must be the method name.

Controller::methodExists('places/info', 'getInfoById');

That will return true only if the places/info controller class has a getInfoById method.