# Config

Wolff uses the constants defined in the system/config.php file.

The config file has the following definitions/keys inside an array named CONFIG:


  • dbms: the database management system, you can choose between mysql, pgsql and sqlite.

  • server: the database host name (usually it’s refered to as localhost).

  • db: the database name.

  • db_username: the database username.

  • db_password: the database username password.


  • root_dir: the directory of the Wolff project.

  • system_dir: the directory of the system folder.

  • app_dir: the directory of the app folder.

  • cache_dir: the directory of the cache folder.

  • public_dir: the directory of the public folder.

Keep in mind that these paths are relative to the server root.

It's recommended not to modify these constants.


  • title: the page meta title.

  • main_page: the site's home page.

  • language: the site's main language, you can create a new language later and change it if you want.


  • db_on: the database status, true for enabling the use of the database system and run its initialization, false for disabling it.

  • log_on: the log status, true for enabling the use of the log system, false for disabling it.

  • development_on: the development status, true if the project is in an development environment, false otherwise (in a development environment all the errors will be displayed).

  • middlewares_on: the middleware status, true for enable them, false for disable them.

  • template_on: the template system status, true for enable the template in the views, false for disable it.

  • cache_on: the cache status, true for enable the use of cache, false for disable it.

  • maintenance_on: the maintenance mode status, true for enable the maintenance, false for disable it.